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GROW: Professional Development Group was created in May of 2020 in an effort to connect small businesses and organizations with opportunities to develop their team's skills. In many small businesses, there is not the staffing or the time to dedicate to creating learning workshops, provide coaching guidance, and overall talent development. Using the latest research and techniques, GROW is able to provide a customizable service at a budget friendly cost no matter what your need. We currently consult with organizations on skill development topics through individualized coaching and group trainings and workshops. We have had the opportunity to work with a vast array of companies types, including retail, banking, nutrition services, education, child care, manufacturing, and more, researching what works and what doesn't in today's ever-changing business world!

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Jennifer Ritter


Jennifer Ritter is the founder of GROW: Professional Development Group. With close to 20 years of experience in sales and service management, primarily in the financial sector, she has been able to see and share many of the best practices that companies employ on a daily basis. Jennifer is a self-proclaimed learner and enjoys researching various topics and has a passion for sharing that information with others to help them in their professional and personal lives. Part of being a learner, you can find her always tackling new hobbies, especially in ways that showcase her creativity.

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